hey people of the internet...or whoever reads this.  I havent added a blog post in a long time and that has to change.  So lately i have been pretty stressed out. Im a very care free person and i dont care what happens ya know go with the flow kinda person but this time is different. I have midterms this week and my parents are on my back and they are all "you need to pass because if you dont we are pulling you out of that school and blah blah blah!"  yeah parents are good for giving you extra stress you dont need.  Like appearently im not trying and C's and crap are not good and wht not.  It doesnt help that i have literally given up on all my subjects and i dont pay attention anymore i mostly just write my books adn poems during class.  So i have to re-learn everything i have learned this whole year.  Not to mention im a a procastinator.  People are like get a tutor yeah welllll NO!  i get way to distracted and really easily too.  Some people even give up on me.  On top of tht im on the mock trial team and the lawyers add way to much pressure on us like literally if we dont win we suck so i have to try extra hard to impress them.  Plus im doing basketball and i have this whole medical issue going on with my leg and they have no freakin clue whts going on so that is pretty stressful.  My teacher for one of my classes had me move my seat because she thought i was going to kill some kid that was next to me...give me five minutes and i dont know what would have happened.  So pretty soon im bound to reach my breaking point.  Not to mention i have a friend who is really cool and everything and i love her to death but she is trying to get me to do things i dont want to do and im not one for giving into peer pressure but i dont need that too.  The only time i can get some peace is when im reading or writing but lately i havent had time for either.  So yeah this post was basically me venting.  Do you guys stress and if so what about?   

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