One guy.

Two years.

Three tortures.

Many Regrets.

    After two year of torment, almost three, being smart and knowing patterns also having a good memory are not something to be proud of. First trouble, one guy. Note to you all know your friends before you give them personal info. I knew the guy's middle name, birthday, and how many siblings he had. Didn't believe me when I said his friend told me. He shared his b-day with the class and his siblings were in plain sight( 2 sisters, one living brother, and one deceased). T-2: comparing other schedules to your own is considered stalking to kids. Final problem catcalls one kid in particular always says, " ' Ahh she has AIDS.' " 

   Regrets honors math and science I made a mistake by failing a test to avoid the teacher my sister had. She retired. The funny thing is that I always that that I have no regrets. Looking back I've lied to myself my whole life.

Advice to all of you who still have a life Keep your mouth shut. 

It's hard to believe that I've survived this long.

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