This poem is about Lena and how she went through things. It's more about the 1st book than anything else. Hope you like it like I did! :)

It all started when she was going to be sixteen

She had had an idea everything was going to change

Meeting a new stranger

Having her whole world falling in a confusion,

Sealing her death.

She was compelled to love.

She tightly held everything with help of love.

Just a few months away from the Sixteen

Moon. Walking in its way, death.

Hoping it would change

That she wouldn’t always live in confusion.

She clung to her stranger.

The world turned, stranger

Something that would work no more- love.

Family didn’t help the confusion.

Nothing could save her from the Sixteen

Moon. It was going to change,

Everything with death.

But she didn’t know it was going to end with death,

Of her own stranger.

She didn’t know but she still needed to change

It all. For the sake of love.

It didn’t turn out how she thought it would for sixteen

Weeks. Still her mind fogged with- confusion.

What is there to life, but confusion

What is there to death

What more to death than just sixteen

More days of grief, in life, what more can be stranger

Than death combined with love?

So let's mix it up for a change.

And let's hope for a better change.

And try not to fall in a sink hole- confusion.

Is a sin, a sin, if for the sake of love?

Even if it is, does the consequence have to be death

If you already are a stranger,

To the world, to yourself, do you have to turn sixteen?

Can love cause the whole world to change?

Can it cause you to have sixteen new enemies and be in confusion- how you made them?

Can it cause happiness or sadness to become a stranger leading you to your death...

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