Lucy Hale for Lena and Logan Lerman as Ethan <3

Did you saw the actors they picked?
: Jack O’Connell

Lena: Alice Englert
I truly don't like them. I think that perfect Lena is Lucy Hale, and Logan Lerman as Ethan.
I'm scared now how movie will look, cuz the actors they picked doesn't look like LiE at all.
P.S. - I'm new here, and I can't comment the posts. I accepted the mail, but I still can't. Little help? xD

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Comment by Kimberly Alice Findley on February 14, 2012 at 6:12pm

they would be perfect for ethan and lena i really can see a better movie with them instead of the people they picked for the movie the ethan they pickked was to old and the lena they picked just dont look like what i imagined her to be at all


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