Hey guys its me Sadie.  Today was just a lazy day for me i just sat around doing nothing.  well can you blame me i just got done my three weeks of endless basketball and its raining and im tired.  i took this time to catch up on some things.  well checking this website is one.  reading and playing my piano are some others.  it does feel good to get back to my normal routine. so i was on my bc page and i never realized how many "friends" i had lol.  i realized i just friended them just to friend them.  not saying that they are not good people its just that we have one thing in common and that is the only thing i know about them.  it is the fact that they love the bc books like me.  their are about like 5 poeple i actually check their blogs and pages and talk to them.  and i dont wanna say they are my friends but they are the closest people to my friends as far as this website goes.  that just got me thinking how well do we really know people?  its the same as facebook.  we friend them cause why? why do we friend them idk because the more friends we have the more popular we are? There are some kids in my school who call me a friend and they dont know one thing about me  just cause we go to school together doesnt mean we are best friends right?  I dont wanna sound mean but there are very few people who i really know and who really know me and i would rather have a few real friends then a thousand fake friends.  dont wanna sound like a fortune cookie but wouldnt you?  some of you who might read this and i said might cause who really cares right? i basically write this for myself just to get my thougths in the open but as i said some of you might read this and think im totally wrong and i wanna know why are you the kinda person who can be friends with anybody and everyone?


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Comment by Ridley D. on October 8, 2012 at 2:52pm

Good riddance...


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