OK so any body who read Beautiful Chaos knows on this date Ethan gets crushed by the wheel of fate hard. so I just had to vent a little about the fact that he could be dead ok....WAT R THEY THINKING how could they kill him and what about the next book they set it up for one with the nineteen moons mentioning.  search for a disscusion called Nineteen moons lyrics I made a version of it. But if he did die would he come back as a sheer or something or what I am thinking happened scince we didnt read about him hitting the ground abraham figured out that ethan was the one who is two and ripped to the water tower kidnappes ethan on his way down so he dosnt die and the new order is never made. opions anyone

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Comment by Ridley D. on September 18, 2012 at 6:51pm

personally I would want Ethan to die and then Lena can fix the order and then mortals and casters could be together and then Ethan comes back as a mortal and then they go to university and get married and they live happily ever after! and then abraham rises from the dead to take his revenge on Lena and Ethan.


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