Ok I'm sure most of you have seen the movie... WTF right, didnt stick to the plot or anything! I'm sitting there and not even 6 minutes in somethings different. And that just completely KILLED me. Where do I start with the flaws in this movie?!

1. They said the word "Bitch" wayy to much.

2. Lena's eyes were BROWN and not Green.

3. Lena's hair was BROWN and not BLACK.

4. Ridley's hair was to short.

5. Macon was a CASTER?!(WTH) And not and INCUBUS!

I'm sorry but there was just wayy to many flaws, overall yes it was a good movie, BUT it was NOT BEAUTIFUL CREATURES! This was just something else. My hopes for this movie were destroyed. I'm very disappointed... I've been let down, all my expectations weren't even almost met....

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