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What's 2 + 4?

Looking at who I was, who I am, and everything that happened between the two makes me realize that I'll always be here

what's truth...



Live Journal Blog-



the sorrow... of the little boy... turned to rage... and the holes...put in his heart... poured red liquid... so hot... it burned... burned... away everything.... but not the sea... but... the fiery liquid... took burned away... all the bad things... that the skies he made... couldn't take away... the little... glittering things... shone... just... a... little... brighter... just.this.once...

Why can't You tell the Player's not okay? See through Her great act? To see through Her jokes and lies? To see the Player's pain? See the little crying girl inside Her? See Her withered loveless heart chipping away inside? See Her screaming scarred body? Are You all that blind? Do You all just not want to deal with the real Her? Or do You just enjoy Her acts too much?

artists use lies to tell the truth...

Note to Self, I Miss you Terribly, this is what We call a Tragedy, Come back to Me.

This is not a Suicide Letter; I simply wish to get a Closer look at Death.

It's not the I hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water... I'd drink it.


I'm [not] okay, I swear I'm totally [not] fine. I'm [not] okay, you [do]n't need to be worried about me, I'm so very much [not] okay.


and thus came the scarlet dawn... allow the pain to burried on your arms... let Barcardi wash away everything... join MaryJane around the fire to warm that forever frozen soul...


the child screams... fearing the grin.. the pointed teeth... his rancid breath... encasing the child... in a coat of toxin...and turning him.. the child... his insanity... to a mirror...


"i shall light a fire upon the fang that falls short, so that i needn't see the star, so that it shall not tear this throat of mine."

                                                                                              -Abarai Renji



i... one without a heart...


i... one with no past to speak of...


i... one with nothing keepng me here...


i... one with no one...


i... one unable to dream...


i... never knowing the sensation of pain...


i... one with no water to shead from my eyes...


Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 3:48pm on August 20, 2011, Evalina Edwards said…

good to know ur back even thou even im starting to not like this site...

btw ur heading and the "whats truth" is really nice really liked it

At 3:48am on September 4, 2011, Evalina Edwards said…

yeah i read some on that one too you wirte really good

yeah me either thats why i havent been on much i thought it would get better

At 6:13pm on September 4, 2011, Evalina Edwards said…

yup maybe...

welcome and sure i'll check it out but where did u post it? can i get the link?

At 9:51pm on October 7, 2011, Evalina Edwards said…
sorry! school had my busy i read the first chapter its a good start! :)
At 8:34pm on October 8, 2011, Luxx Kathleen said…
thank you... i'm kind of getting side tracked... between school.. and another story... so i have no idea when the story will come out..

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Luxx Kathleen's Blog

MY hell.

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 3:32pm 0 Comments

So, lately, I've been in counseling because, oh yeah, I'm majorly messed up.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be put on medication soon. Good or bad thing? I'm going to find out.


Posted on July 16, 2012 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

How do you deal with people's crap? their judgement? Their hate? Me; i fight back, for myself and twice as hard for those i care about.

"You're ugly,"

"who the hell do you think you are?"

"you're a **tch"

"Why do you look like that?"

"what the hell are those clothes?"

"Why does your make up look like that?"

"you're horrible/talentless/stupid/useless/wasteful"


How i haven't just hit them all i don't know. Aren't we told growing up…



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