Who liked the movie of Beautiful Creatures?!!

Hi everyone!!!.

I do not know about you, but when two days ago I was at the cinema to see the movie, I wanted to leave in the middle of the film and I wanted to back the ticket money!!!.

But, they are crazy???????.

I was worried about the details (for example, green eyes and curly black hair of Lena, blonde hair of Ridley, etc...), but they have changed the history!!!.

When ever Genevieve kills Ethan Carter Wate? When ever Lena has done lose the memory to Ethan? They canceled the figure of Marian and Amma is the librarian? Lena kills Sarafine at the end of the first book? And yet, is Link that kills Ethan shooting him during the performance on the civil war? Ethan found the cameo alone? Larkin is good and helps Lena?.

These are just some of the scenes that have completely changed the story! Practically all the movie is different from the book! I seem to have seen another saga!.

I understand that for reasons of film, some scenes need to be cut, but must do not change the thread of history!!!.

I felt really teasing...

And if we look in the trailer they put only a few scenes from the book, not the scenes completely different...!!!!!!.

I have no words to express how much I am disappointed!!!!!.

I just know that I will remain faithful to the only books!!!!!!!.

What do you think of the movie?.



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i hated it?  its been like a year since i red book 1 and i finixhed all the other books so i was like "Wait wasn't larkin bad?  He was the guy who turned his arm into a snake right?"

Larkin is an illusionist and hides his yellow eyes with green eyes, and he is the one that turns the arm in snake.

It turns out that he is a traitor at the end of the first book, while in the movie he is good and helps Lena...boh!!!!!!!!!!!!.

it was interesting how they set up the movie but it was way off the book

 do not want to ruin my beautiful eyes

I was all "What the heck?!?!?" Why did they shoot Macon and not use the book of moons? Who was the chick Link was with? What's with all the forgetting? And what in the name of our Sweet Redeemer happened to Marian? :P Birdie to this movie. . .

There's nothing Beautiful about what I saw, might as well change the name in the movie since it's not even Beautiful Creatures anymore.

Air-five, Lemons and Rosemary! I know, right, it was so not Beautiful.

hmm... yeah i loved it so.. i guess i´m alone in this one huh?


As a person who's never read the book, or even heard of it before the movie, I think the movie did a pretty good job at interesting people in the books.  I quite liked the movie. Except the ending that could have been better because it sucked.  But I think that the movie is a great segue to to books, because after watching it I immediately went online to see if there were books.  Now I think that we all no that the books are always better.  What's nice is when the movies create more fans for the books.

I was also disappointed in the movie version.  They changed way too much.

I liked the movie, except for the ending, but that was because I have never read the books.  In fact, I had never even heard of the books before I saw the movie.  Now that I've watched the movie I definitely plan to read the books, but I know that books are always better!

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