Well, I'm a really good writer but I've had writer's block for the longest. I've tried to think outside the box and do something no one else has done. An idea finally came to me today. I need opinions. So, what do you think about this: A girl, who was forced to live in a home along with her drunkard father and crackhead mother(oops), was subject to violence from birth. She has learned to hold bak her feelings never to trust anyone ever again. One night, ironically she was beaten by both her mother and her father together, while she was deep in dream about a better life. Her parents both went to bed afterwards. She took this as her chance to escape her cruel life, so she packed her things and left. She knew her parents needed her; they were unfit to take care of themselves, let alone her, but she didn't care. She had suffered all these years, why not let them suffer without her. Who knows, maybe they'd change their ways after a while and come running back to her. She didn't know where she'd go, but she'd find somewhere. Even if it was a cozy hole in the streets.
Finding nowhere to go, she had to live on the streets and take up prostitution( oops again). Eventually, she falls in love with one of her clients.
The story is about how the rest plays out. The girl's name is Klaer(pronounced CLAIRE).
What'd ya think??? :D

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the combination of a book i've read and movie i've seen

But is it any good?

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