Ahhhh! its NaNoWriMo! i have to write a novel, 30,000 words and over and i wanna see how far i get :) i definately wanna give it a try like i know my book wont be very sucessful or sucessful at all i know im not margaret stohl or kami garcia and my book is no beautiful creatures lol but hey im up for the challenge :) cant wait to see how it turns out wish me luck :)

anyone else up for the challenge? if you had to write a book what would it be about?


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I would right a book about a... I give up. I dunno I think faeries are interesting or probably something dealing with greek mythology or maybe something dealing with real life. Man, i suck.

haha yeah it took me forever to come up with an idea :) but now im on a roll lol

I'm up for the challenge, Sadie. I know that it's not NaNoWriMo anymore, but next year I want to write more then I did this year. (*last year) My total word count was only 30, 071 words... And I'm up for the challenge that if you and I (me and Sadie Scott) lived in the same state, we could write a book together. 

p.s. I wrote a novel about a human-eating mermaid that gets captured and put into a water tank. ; ) 

Oh yeah that would be so cool and yeah same here I wrote around 31000 so I want to write more. Your book sounds cool! I wanted to write about mermaids because I believe in them lol. I wrote about a girl who's sister was murdered and then the killer came after her.....it came out better then I was expecting so I'm excited for next year!!!
That sounds so cool! I have no idea what I'm going to do next year. I'm probably going to do something like Divergent, or maybe Beautiful Creatures. Normally, my novels are based off of multiple books combined.
Yeah same here like I wrote a short story and it was like the shadow falls series but ya know with twists here and there and my teacher really enjoyed it. The book I'm working on now is about a mental patient who escapes and falls in love (yeah my style of writing can be disturbing lol)
Actually, that sounds REALLY cool... In my book, the men and women are separated for most of the time (once every month) and each family has their own number, tattooed onto their skin. The men wear white, and the women wear black
Oh thanks I don't know where I get my ideas lol they just come to me haha but I like he style of ur writing.... It sounds really interesting and really cool. We basically have the same style of writing :) I'm not a big violence writer so some of the more violent scenes are a little lame lol but I read a lot so that helps. Can I run something by u? Ok it's part if the mental patient story. So she runs away and then falls in love but does this sound good.... The guy doesn't know she is insane and when they catch her and bring he back he goes in like denial and his love is so strong he follows her back but gets trapped and ends up going insane too. How does that sound cause then it would end like that and he might end up going so crazy that he kills her but that might be too much what do u think?
NaNoWriMo is an online competion where you have to write a 50 000 word novel in the month of November. You can't start before November, and the novel has to be original. There is also a kids program where you can choose your own goal. I did that because I can't write 50 000 words. My word count goal was 30 000, so 1000 words a day
you shoul post your story on quotev.com

you should post your story on quotev.com

What the heck is that?????!!!!!

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