1. What exactly is a Linkubus?
  2. How was it different to see Gatlin from Link’s point of view, instead of Ethan’s? How was Link’s perspective on the events of the so-called Hell Night different from his friend’s?
  3. In Chapter 3, Ethan jokes, “Maybe Macon had a pamphlet down in his study: ‘So You’re Powerless Now, But You’re Going Out with One of the X-Men.’” How are Ethan and Ridley facing similar situations? Do you think they are experiencing similar feelings and struggles? Explain.
  4. If you could have one Supernatural power from the Beautiful Creatures universe, what would it be? Why?
  5. Why, do you think, does Macon choose to communicate with Link in such a unique way? What does it teach Link? What does it show Macon?

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1. Link is unique he is a Linkubus. Link was bitten by a Incubusish guy who is the offspring of an evo and an Incubus Which makes him part human part caster.

I didn't read the book. I'm saving up for Beautiful Chaos.

1.it's an incubus but it's Link
2.it was weird,i don't know
link is quarter incubus he was bitten by a half caster half incubus guy, and he's called linkubus because he's individual theres no other like link

Im not 100% sure. But a Linkubus is Link + Incubus. Since Link wasnt born an Incubus, hes half and half.. So Linkubus.

I cant answer 2,3, and 5, i didnt read Dream Dark since is wasnt in paperback or Hard cover. Im getting it on an Ipod or something though even though i had already read them all.


If i could have one supernatrual power, i think its be Palimpsest, Natrual, or  sybil. I know thats more than one, But i like those.  :)

  1. An Incubus who is also a Link
  2. It was a little confusing at first because I was used to Eathan being the narrator but I got used to it.
  3. Ethan and Ridley are both Mortals trying be with Supernaturals.
  4. I would want to be able to control the weather like Lena.
  5. I have no clue

1- well since link´s always been a special case, he was in the need of a special name when he became a quarter incubus.

2- well.. it really wasn´t from link´s perspective. if you´ve read Dream Dark you´ll know that its Ethan the one narrating it, he was just telling the reader the story that link told him.

3- since at that point they were both mortals with a supernatural lover, i would say they were going through similar situations. like that feeling of wanting to do something or protect their love ones but feeling completely useless in the situation. 

4-I would be a Natural or an Empath. being a Natural would make me feel like avatar. an being an Empath is like being al of them for a little while.

5-I guess he wanted link to star taking more responsibilities as an incubus and wanted to know if he could deal with it. probably made link learn that they´re more creatures that he originally thought there were, and that he wasn´t completely invincible. and i think Macon learned not to doubt Link ever again.

  1. a, its INKUBUS. not Linkubus.
    1. Its a kind of creature that feeds off of humans - whether it be blood, emotions, dreams, or sexual chee even.
  2. Easy, Link a little less calm and more like Bones from the new Star Trek movie.
  3. Haven't gotten that far.
  4. I would be a healer, then I could at least have some control of whether my friends and family died or not. 
  5. Macon; not all humans are as they appear to be.
  1. I think it's a combination of "Incubus" and the name Link
  2. Well... it wasn't really that different because it was Ethan telling the story. This wasn't Link telling it in the first person, but Ethan telling Link's story and interpreting it for us. While in some ways it was different, I think it being told through Ethan's eyes really kept it from truly being told from a different perspective.
  3. Well, both Ethan & Ridley are mortals dating supernatural beings. Because they're in the mortal world, they can't really be together with their lovers because it could be detrimental to them. I don't think they're feelings are similar, though, as Ridley was a supernatural: She was a siren. So she is suffering from a great loss. Ethan, on the other hand, entered the Caster world.  So Ethan doesn't really understand what Ridley lost in order to care for Link, as he never had any powers to lose but discovered he is a Wayward; therefore, had a bit to gain.
  4. It'd be cool to be a natural I think. Then Canada would never see snow again.
  5. I think Macon wants him to learn about the Caster world, and his place in it. I think Macon wants to see if Link is trustworthy, and loyal.

if i could have a power i would be a sybil. A linkubus i believe is really a nickname given to link when he was bitten by a half breed

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