I think it's ridiculous that every book that I read and claimed it to be my favorite ( or not ) is being turned into the big scene. Divergent by Veronica Roth is being made into a movie (2014), City of Bones (2013), The Forest of Hands and Teeth (?) Fallen by Lauren Kate ( I really don't like that book,but I want to see how the movie turns out). Then there's Vampire Academy( I am so not watching the movie if it comes out) Anyone knows any other movies? I'm excited and scared.

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I agree with you =-). I remember when I read Twilight saga I thought it was a rather anonymous and, shortly after, the film was released. When, by chance, I bought Beautiful Creatures, I thought that also this saga was little known. However, after some time, already talked about the movie. The fact is that when come out the movies of the sagas books, they are always different from the books (more or less), and the fans will be disappointed.

In the case of Beautiful Creatures, it is completely different from the book. Is for this that I will always remain faithful to the books!!!.

Bye, Nory.

Oh yeah there's Anna dressed in Blood optioned for a movie. Why does it seems to me that the YA book Stephenie Meyer likes are all being made into a movie?

The fault in our stars is being made into a movie!

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